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[texts]The status of Progaleopithecus Ameghino (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.8, No.3) - Patterson, Bryan, 1909-1979
Includes bibliographical references (p. 25)
Keywords: Progaleopithecus
Downloads: 211
[texts]On the phyletic weight of mensural cranial characters in chipmunks and their allies (Rodentia:Sciuridae) (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.20) - Patterson, Bruce D
Bibliography: p. 22-24
Keywords: Morphology (Animals); Sciuridae -- Morphology
Downloads: 403
[texts]A new hydrozoan from the Pennsylvanian of Illinois (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.30, No.1) - Nitecki, Matthew H
Drevotella proteana, a new genus and species of colonial hydrozoan, is described from the Middle Pennsylvanian Francis Creek Shale of the Mazon Creek area of northeastern Illinois. It is represented by numerous specimens preserved in iron-stone concretions in which the large, irregularly branched colonies appear as flattened impressions visible by virtue of color contrast
Keywords: Drevotella proteana; Paleontology -- Pennsylvanian; Paleontology -- Illinois
Downloads: 369
[texts]Ordovician Batophoreae (Dasycladales) from Michigan (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.35, No.4) - Nitecki, Matthew H
Archaeobatophora typa n. g. and sp. of the Upper Ordovician, Richmondian Big Hill Limestone from Delta County, Michigan, is described as a member of the Dasycladaceae. Although this alga is only weakly calcified along its main axis, its morphology is unusually well preserved and allows assignment to the extant tribe Batophoreae
Keywords: Archaeobatophora typa; Paleobotany -- Ordovician; Paleobotany -- Michigan Delta County
Downloads: 414
[texts]Systematics of mice of the subgenus Akodon (Rodentia, Cricetidae) in southern South America, with the description of a new species (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.23) - Patterson, Bruce D
Bibliography: p. 16
Keywords: Akodon; Rodents -- South America Classification; Muridae -- Classification
Downloads: 441
[texts]Phylogeny of the viperine snakes (Viperinae) : a contribution in celebration of the distinguished scholarship of Robert F. Inger on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.51) - Marx, Hymen
Includes bibliographies
Keywords: Inger, Robert F; Cladistic analysis; Phylogeny; Snakes -- Physiology; Snakes -- Anatomy
Downloads: 388
[texts]A new species of Vinciguerria (Salmoniformes, Photichthyidae) from the Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba, with comments on the depauperacy of the Red Sea mesopelagic fish fauna (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.22) - Johnson, Robert Karl
Bibliography: p. 32-35
Keywords: Vinciguerria; Photichthyidae; Fishes -- Aqaba, Gulf of; Fishes -- Red Sea
Downloads: 468
[texts]Molecular systematics of the frog genus Leptodactylus (Amphibia: Leptodactylidae) (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.41) - Maxson, Linda R
Bibliography: p. 10-11
Keywords: Leptodactylus; Leptodactylidae
Downloads: 476
[texts]Indian corn (Volume Fieldiana, Popular Series, Botany, no. 14) - McNair, James Birtley, 1889-1967
Origin, geographic distribution and varieties -- Use by the American Indian -- Modern industrial and experimental products
Keywords: Corn; Maèis
Downloads: 995
[texts]Report on a collection of amphibians and reptiles from Sichuan, China (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.58) - Field Museum of Natural History
Includes bibliographical references (p. 232-4)
Keywords: Amphibians -- China Szechwan Province; Reptiles -- China Szechwan Province
Downloads: 674
[texts]Contents and index to volume 12, numbers 1 to 19, Zoological series (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.12, no.19) - Field Museum of Natural History

Keywords: Zoology
Downloads: 531
[texts]New Pantodonta and Dinocerata from the Upper Paleocene of western Colorado (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.6, No.24) - Patterson, Bryan, 1909-1979
Includes bibliographical references (p. 383-384)
Keywords: Ungulates, Fossil; Paleontology -- Eocene; Paleontology -- Colorado
Downloads: 405
[texts]Millipeds of the genus Polydesmorhachis Pocock (Polydesmida, Platyrhacidae) (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.65, no.6) - Hoffman, Richard L
Bibliography: p. 84
Keywords: Philippine Zoological Expedition, 1946-1947; Millepeds -- Philippines; Polydesmorhachis
Downloads: 353
[texts]Chromis woodsi, a new species of damselfish (Pomacentridae) from the Western Indian Ocean with a redescription of Chromis axillaris (Bennett), 1831 (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.73, no.3) - Bruner, John Clay
Bibliography: p. 62-63
Keywords: Chromis woodsi -- Classification; Fishes -- Classification; Fishes -- Indian Ocean Classification; Chromis axillaris -- Classification
Downloads: 385
[texts]New Archaeoscyphia (Porifera) from the Ordovician of Anticosti Island, Quebec (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.33, No.1) - Rigby, J. Keith
A new branched sponge, Archaeoscyphia boltoni, is described from the lower Ellis Bay Formation in Anticosti Island, Quebec. The position of the species and genus within the family Anthaspidellidae is briefly discussed
Keywords: Sponges, Fossil -- Québec (Province) Anticosti Island; Paleontology -- Ordovician; Paleontology -- Québec (Province) Anticosti Island
Downloads: 366
[texts]The mammalian fauna of Madura Cave, Western Australia. Macropodidae: Potoroinae (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, new series, no. 14) - Lundelius, Ernest L., 1927-
The potoroines represented in the Madura Cave deposits are Potorous platyops, Caloprymnus campestris, Bettongia lesueur, and Bettongia penicillata. -- Potorous platyops, found in Units 1 through 4-5, is not significantly different from Pleistocene, Holocene, or modern specimens from other parts of Australia. -- Caloprymnus campestris, which occurs in all units, shows no significant morphological or size change through the sequence and is smaller than the samples from teh Pleistocene of Lake Meni...
Keywords: Paleontology; Mammals, Fossil; Paleontology -- Pleistocene; Paleontology -- Australia Western Australia
Downloads: 439
[texts]A review of the western Atlantic Starksia ocellata-complex (Pisces: Clinidae) : with the description of two new species and proposal of superspecies status (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.73, no.2) - Greenfield, David W
Bibliography: p. 46-48
Keywords: Fishes -- Classification; Fishes -- Atlantic Ocean; Starksia ocellata
Downloads: 421
[texts]Redescription of Ischadites elrodi (S. A. Miller, 1892) a Lower Devonian receptaculitid (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.20, No.5) - Nitecki, Matthew H
Ischadites elrodi (S. A. Miller, 1892) a Lower Middle Devonian receptacultid from Indiana is redescribed as a dasycladacean alga closely related to Silurian Ischadites koenigii Murchison, 1839
Keywords: Ischadites elrodi; Paleontology -- Devonian; Paleontology -- Indiana Hartsville Region
Downloads: 348
[texts]Population dynamics of Leptomeryx (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.16, No.16) - Clark, John, 1909-1967
Includes bibliographical references (p. 451)
Keywords: Leptomeryx; Mammal populations; Paleontology -- Oligocene; Paleontology -- South Dakota Pennington County; Paleontology -- Nebraska Sioux County
Downloads: 421
[texts]Fieldiana (Volume new ser. no. 59 (1990)) - Field Museum of Natural History
Part of illustrative matter folded, part colored
Keywords: Zoology
Downloads: 275
[texts]Trachelyichthys exilis, a new species of catfish (Pisces, Auchenipteridae) from Peru (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.72, no.3) - Greenfield, David W
Bibliography: p. 58
Keywords: Trachelyichthys exilis -- Classification; Fishes -- Classification; Fishes -- Peru; Trachelyichthys decaradiatus -- Classification
Downloads: 414
[texts]Note on Gibsoniothamnus (Volume Fieldiana, Botany serries v.34, no.5) - Gentry, Alwyn H
Includes bibliographical references
Keywords: Gibsoniothamnus -- Classification; Botany -- Classification
Downloads: 229
[texts]Amphibia and reptilia from the Campanian of New Mexico (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, new series, no. 4) - Armstrong-Ziegler, Judy Gail
Includes bibliographical references (p. 36-39)
Keywords: Amphibians, Fossil; Paleontology -- New Mexico; Paleontology -- Cretaceous; Reptiles, Fossil
Downloads: 827
[texts]Preliminary key to the turtles, lizards, and amphisbaenians of Iran (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.65, no.4) - Anderson, Steven C
Bibliography: p. 41
Keywords: Turtles -- Iran; Amphisbaenia -- Iran; Reptiles -- Iran; Lizards -- Iran
Downloads: 741
[texts]Silurian Ischadites tenuis n.sp. (Receptaculitids) from Indiana (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.35, No.2) - Nitecki, Matthew H
A new receptaculitid species is based upon the well-preserved head elements and illustrated with SEM. These structures do not depart from the general dasycladacean pattern, but exclude receptaculitids from sponges
Keywords: Ischadites tenuis; Paleobotany -- Silurian; Paleobotany -- Indiana
Downloads: 350
[texts]Larval life in the leaves: arboreal tadpole types, with special attention to the morphology, ecology, and behavior of the Oophagous Osteopilus brunneus (Hylidae) larva (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.38) - Lannoo, Michael J
Bibliography: p. 29-31
Keywords: Inger, Robert F; Hylidae; Frogs -- Larvae
Downloads: 781
[texts]On the nature of the holotype of Nipterella paradoxica (Billings) (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.16, No.11) - Nitecki, Matthew H
The holotype of Nipterella paradoxica (Billings), based on Calathium paradoxicum Billings, 1865, is not a sponge but a cherty concretion. The name Nipterella paradoxica is thus a nomen nudum and should be rejected
Keywords: Nipterella paradoxica; Paleontology -- Ordovician; Paleontology -- Québec (Province) Mingan Islands
Downloads: 250
[texts]Functional morphological models : evolutionary and nonevolutionary (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.33, No.19) - De Mar, Robert Eugene, 1931-
Includes bibliographical references (p. 350-354)
Keywords: Paleontology -- Methodology; Anatomy; Evolution
Downloads: 392
[texts]An adianthine litoptern from the Deseado formation of Patagonia (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.8, No.2) - Patterson, Bryan, 1909-1979
Includes bibliographical references (p. 19-20)
Keywords: Captain Marshall Field paleontological expeditions to Argentina and Bolivia, 1922-1927; Proadiantus
Downloads: 399
[texts]Notes on Calvatia (Lycoperdaceae), I- (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 38, no. 1) - Ponce de Leon, Patricio

Keywords: Lycoperdaceae
Downloads: 292
[texts]A new Guatemalan Spigelia (Volume Fieldiana. Botany series v. 32, no. 1) - Gibson, Dorothy N

Keywords: Spigelia pygmaea
Downloads: 287
[texts]Anchovia landivarensis, a new species of Anchovy (Pisces: Engraulidae) from Belize, Central America : with comments on related species (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.65, no.9) - Greenfield, David W
Bibliography: p. 112
Keywords: Fishes -- Belize; Anchovies
Downloads: 445
[texts]The Bruce Collection of Eskimo material culture from Port Clarence, Alaska (Volume Fieldiana, Anthropology, v. 67) - VanStone, James W
Includes bibliographical references (p. 58-59)
Keywords: Bruce, Miner Wait; Eskimos -- Material culture Alaska Port Clarence
Downloads: 675
[texts]Cranial characters of Homalodotherium (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.6, No.7) - Patterson, Bryan, 1909-1979
Includes bibliographical references (p. 117)
Keywords: Captain Marshall Field paleontological expeditions to Argentina and Bolivia, 1922-24; Homalodotherium
Downloads: 294
[texts]A new erinaceid from the Lower Miocene (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.8, No.7) - Meade, Grayson E
Includes bibliographical references (p. 47)
Keywords: Metechinus; Insectivora, Fossil; Paleontology -- Miocene; Paleontology -- Nebraska
Downloads: 309
[texts]Studies of fossil mammals of South America (Volume Fieldiana, Geology Memoirs, Vol. 1) - Field Museum of Natural History

Keywords: Paleontology -- South America; PALEONTOLOGIA
Downloads: 425
[texts]Nanodelphys, an Oligocene didelphine (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.6, No.26) - McGrew, Paul Orman, 1909-
Includes bibliographical references (p. 399-400)
Keywords: Nanodelphys; Paleontology -- Oligocene
Downloads: 508
[texts]Re-evaluation of Syagrus loefgrenii Glassman and S. rachidii Glassman (Volume Fieldiana, Botany series v.34, no.2) - Glassman, Sidney F
Bibliography: p. 25
Keywords: Syagrus loefgrenii; Syagrus rachidii
Downloads: 270
[texts]Soils (Volume Fieldiana, Popular series, Geology, no. 5) - Nichols, Henry W. (Henry Windsor), b. 1868
Fieldiana, Popular series, Geology, was published by Field Museum of Natural History, Dept. of Geology as Leaflet (no. 1-4, 1922-1923) and as Geology leaflet (no. 5-14, 1925-1933). The Leaflet series was renamed the Popular series when published by Chicago Natural History Museum for Anthropology, Botany, and Zoology (1947-1959)
Keywords: Soils; Bodemkunde
Downloads: 419
[texts]An early archaeological example of tattooing from northwestern Alaska (Volume Fieldiana, Anthropology, v. 66, no.1) - VanStone, James W
Includes bibliographical references (p. 8-9)
Keywords: Eskimos -- Alaska Antiquities; Tattooing; Alaska -- Antiquities
Downloads: 542
[texts]The periodical cicada (Volume Fieldiana, Popular series, Zoology, no. 4) - Gerhard, William Josiah, 1873-
Includes bibliographical references (p. 14)
Keywords: Periodical cicada
Downloads: 353
[texts]A new Pareumys (Rodentia: cylindrodontidae) from the Duchesne River Formation, Utah (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.16, No.17) - Black, Craig Call, 1932-
Includes bibliographical references (p. 458-459)
Keywords: Pareumys guensburgi; Paleontology -- Eocene; Paleontology -- Utah Uintah County
Downloads: 354
[texts]Two new species of Broiliellus (Amphibians) from the Permian of Texas (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.16, No.5) - De Mar, Robert Eugene, 1931-
Bibliography: p. 129
Keywords: Broiliellus; Paleontology -- Texas; Paleontology -- Permian
Downloads: 283
[texts]Surficial pattern of receptaculitids (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.16, No.14) - Nitecki, Matthew H
Includes bibliographical references (p. 376)
Keywords: Dasycladaceae, Fossil
Downloads: 283
[texts]The larva of the frog leptodactylus hylaedactylus (Leptodactylidae) (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.51, no.11) - Heyer, W. Ronald
Bibliography: p. 144-145
Keywords: Amphibians -- Larvae; Tadpoles; Leptodactylus hylaedactylus
Downloads: 511
[texts]New birds from Luzon, Philippine Islands (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.51, no.6) - Rand, Austin Loomer, 1905-1982

Keywords: Birds -- Philippines Luzon
Downloads: 385
[texts]The Aelurodon saevus group (Volume Fieldiana, Geology, Vol.8, No.13) - McGrew, Paul Orman, 1909-
Includes bibliographical references (p. 84)
Keywords: Aelurodon
Downloads: 401
[texts]Evidence for parthenogenesis in the featherwing beetles, with a taxonomic review of a new genus and eight new species (Coleoptera: Ptiliidae) (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.51, no.2) - Dybas, Henry S
Bibliography: p. 50-52
Keywords: Feather-wing beetles; Parthenogenesis in animals
Downloads: 433
[texts]Species of the scincid Genus Dasia Gray (Volume Fieldiana Zoology new series, no.3) - Inger, Robert F
Bibliography: p. 11
Keywords: Dasia; Skinks -- Asia, Southeastern; Reptiles -- Classification; Reptiles -- Asia, Southeastern; Skinks -- Classification
Downloads: 595
[texts]Rhinodoras boehlkei, a new catfish from eastern Ecuador (Osteichthyes, Siluroidei, Doradidae) (Volume Fieldiana Zoology v.70, no.1) - Glodek, Garrett S
Bibliography: p. 11
Keywords: Fishes -- Ecuador; Rhinodoras dorbigny; Fishes -- South America; Rhinodoras boehlkei
Downloads: 423
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